The easiest thing to do is to pop into the shop so we can have a chat about placement and pricing. If you are stuck on ideas then book in for a free consultation. You can always get in touch via email or just give us a call.

We need to know: What sort of tattoo are you looking for? Where would you like your new tattoo? Would you like your new tattoo in colour or black and grey?

Feel free to bring in references but they will only be used as a guide, we won't copy someone else's tattoo. Every tattoo that comes out of Spread Eagle is a custom piece made especially for you.

Whether you are booking in store or online we will need a deposit to hold your tattoo appointment. If you need to cancel your appointment we must have at least 2 working days notice in order to rebook your tattoo for another day. Deposits are non-refundable.


We have a shop minimum of £40. Pieces will be priced individually and session work is £80 an hour.


·        Get a good nights sleep

·        Eat a good balanced meal

·        Make sure you are hydrated

·        Dress comfortably for your appointment

·        Please shower on the morning of your appointment



·        Don't wear anything you love too much, you may get a bit of ink on your clothes

·        Don't drink heavily the night before

·        Don't drink alcohol before your appointment

·        Don't do drugs before your appointment

·        Don't have too much caffeine before your appointment

·        Don't tan or sunbathe before your appointment

·        Don't tan, sunbathe, or swim immediately after your appointment